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Title: Peter Potamus voice: Did you get that thing I sent ya?
Post by: Krokodil_Gena on May 30, 2018, 12:37:26 PM
It was a typed letter putting forward that it would be a good idea (once the show ended) to do an Off-Broadway Steven Universe show in the style of Stop Making Sense or Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.

This brings me to something else, which is that we are right now in the middle of a fake cliffhanger that will go on for months, possibly, because Cartoon Network is utterly batshit insane when it comes to scheduling Steven Universe, and that everybody who works for the show or on the show has to grin and bear it. That they are now doing re-runs on Boomerang says to me that Turner is admitting "Yeah, we know we botched it, so here are old episodes of the show on the weekends." Maybe the show will find more fans that way; that's how I became aware of Star Trek and The Prisoner, from weekend reruns. The show deserves better from Cartoon Network.

(A good example of how the younger fans are taking things is here (
Title: Re: Peter Potamus voice: Did you get that thing I sent ya?
Post by: Krokodil_Gena on June 13, 2018, 04:08:34 PM
(Looking back on it, this thread might have been better as a PM. That said, I have no idea if Tom has ever answered a PM off this board.)

I will say this about the second ending theme for the show (, the final notes remind me of the ending to Men at Work's "It's a Mistake" (, how the song just stops on a synth note, the difference being that the Steven Universe theme ends on a higher note. If you ask me, this is not the end of the music, and the last season will have it's own theme - possibly a musical continuation of the "Love Like You" theme or some sort of triumphant ending. Or they just bring in Laibach, either this one ( or that one (

Carrying on a theme from another thread, here is Longmont Potion Castle giving a music store clerk the weirdness (