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Title: An opportunity for Gary and Skeevie!
Post by: ~L on October 16, 2012, 11:07:10 PM
Gary! Skeevie! Jump on the puppet band wagon! Join the Million Muppet/Puppet March!
Check it out!
"Million Muppet March
5 hours ago
Million Puppet March
We’ve changed our name to Million Puppet March to be more inclusive of all puppetkind.

Facebook (
Twitter (
YouTube http://youtube/MillionPuppets (http://youtube/MillionPuppets)
We made the name change at the request of:

Sock puppets who felt they were getting lost
Hand puppets who wanted to lend a hand
Marionettes who wanted to pull the strings for a change
Mascots who wanted to join the team
Shadow puppets who felt left in the dark
And finger puppets who… well, you know what they were giving us :)"