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Links / Re: Matt Skiba May Be Actually Insane.
« Last post by bdb318 on July 12, 2017, 06:20:20 PM »
Of course he's insane. He's more self-conscious and guarded than practically any other caller in Best Show history. I'm not super into Avalanche Bob, but at least Avalanche Bob OWNS Avalanche Bob. Is Avalanche Bob more sane than Matt from Oakland? Very possible!
General Discussion / Marvel vs Star Wars...
« Last post by Patrick on July 12, 2017, 01:29:05 PM »
Might as well just get this going (dont think i have been as excited about a topic like I am about this one in a while!)  considering that they are both owned by Disney currently, like Tom said its not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN?  early to mid 2030s??

lets set the stage though, first Marvel will have to fight and win against DC and Star Wars will have to fight the Predators? Aliens? Star Trek? Transformers? all of them? and win...

some plot points...

think the bad guys from Marvel will team up with the Empire?  the Avengers and the X-Men with the Rebel Alliance? 

Which Star Wars character gets into an Iron Man suit first?

Which side does Jar Jar fight on? 

Obi Wan vs Magneto?

Thor vs Vader?

Hulk vs the Death Star?
Links / Matt Skiba May Be Actually Insane.
« Last post by JeffertonFromTX on July 12, 2017, 12:20:07 PM »
I came across this as I was taking in my morning news.

I super want Tom to ask him about this just so see how he dances around it.
Show Discussion / Re: A new Best Show Playlist thread
« Last post by BadGuyZero on July 12, 2017, 12:46:24 AM »
July 1, 2017 playlist [podcast released July 4, 2017]...

Kurt Vile - "Life's A Beach" [from So Outta Reach (Matador Records; 2011)]
EP re-released by Matador in 2017; also available on the deluxe CD version of Smoke Ring For My Halo [Matador Records; 2011]
Digital available at iTunes and Amazon


The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Big Road" [from Extra Width (Matador Records; 1993)]
Digital available at iTunes.

July 11, 2017 playlist...

Helium - "Lucy" [from Ends With And (Matador Records; 2017)]
Originally released as the b-side of the "Hole In The Ground" 7-inch [Pop Narcotic; 1993]
Digital available at iTunes and Amazon.


Mudhoney - "When Tomorrow Hits" [from Mudhoney (Sub Pop; 1989)]


LISA BASTONI [live in the Best Show studio!]
"Rabbit Hole"

Studio version available on The Wishing Hour [self-released; 2017]
Show Discussion / Re: The experimental Panda Express guy
« Last post by Carver on July 10, 2017, 11:54:14 AM »
When I was in college in the 90s I went to a summer program in Galway, Ireland.  My cohort always went to this fast food place called Supermac's.
I remember that the veggie/soy burger was actually above the regular burger on the menu. 
Just googled em and now they serve Papa Johns for whatever reason.
Show Discussion / Re: The experimental Panda Express guy
« Last post by buffcoat on July 09, 2017, 09:45:13 PM »
The first Starbucks I ever went into was in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had just climbed Castle Rock and come down the other side and there it was.

Beautiful day, actually, and my weird love affair with Starbucks continues to this day. Albeit it was probably, what, nine years before I went in another one.
Show Discussion / Re: The experimental Panda Express guy
« Last post by Shaggy 2 Grote on July 09, 2017, 03:12:26 PM »
Also, among the New York foods I generally miss is Roy Rogers.
Show Discussion / Re: The experimental Panda Express guy
« Last post by Shaggy 2 Grote on July 09, 2017, 03:10:38 PM »
Hey, I like what you've done with the place.

I've eaten plenty of fast food in various places around the world, but never exclusively fast food. However, I have a couple dumb/regrettable food travel anecdotes.

I was just in Russia and repeatedly tried to get fast food, but they don't seem to get the concept. It was always slow and disorganized, and never clear how to queue up. I'd usually give up and go to the grocery store or a Russian restaurant, where I'd get faster service from a waiter. Ironically, the local Russian fast food chains had it figured out, but not McDonald's or KFC.

I'd also successfully gone years of my kids having no idea what McDonald's was until we were in Prague last summer. I was working so we hired a local part-time sitter to get my wife some relief, and she's the one that brought them to their first McDonald's. Of course we live in the birthplace of McDonald's, so now that we're home, they ask for it all the time and claim nostalgia for the Czech Republic.

Finally, when I was in Austria in the 1990s, I somehow accidentally ordered a totally disgusting dish three times, under various names: basically unrendered, grisly pork fat mixed with raw garlic and spread on bread. I think this was usually because I was ordering the cheapest item on the menu. And because I was broke and timid, I never sent it back and got something else, but forced as much or it down as I could until I was no longer hungry.
General Discussion / Re: A Game Show Host Who's Not that Smart
« Last post by buffcoat on July 08, 2017, 10:04:11 PM »
Very, very close.

On an unrelated note, how is Wink Martindale still alive?
General Discussion / Re: A Game Show Host Who's Not that Smart
« Last post by nec13 on July 08, 2017, 08:08:11 PM »
Bob Eubanks?
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