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Aaron Cometbus?
« on: March 30, 2018, 01:15:57 AM »
Hi FOT Friends,

Had Has Aaron Cometbus ever come up on the show? I mean this person:

I used to read the Cometbus Zine in college, and I remember such delights as the Cometbus Scavenger Hunt (get yelled at by a cop, punched in the face), along with practical tips on how to save money (tear your postage stamps in half, mail fake complaints to companies to get free stuff) and how to save your teeth while traveling around the country (put a tooth brush on a neck chain and gently scrub your teeth when you're bored).

Anyway, I ran into Aaron once at a local dive cafe years ago. He was really nice! I think he said something about his cat, Pollution, and a his pet gold fish that was 113 years old.

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