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D-Bag List
« on: July 10, 2019, 09:49:04 PM »
Haven't made it through the whole show from 7/9 yet, but I wanted to post a few for the list:

Louis CK, though more of a j/o than d/b, really.

Frank Zappa, "not a very nice person," said Tom Sharpling, and I tend to agree. I own a great deal of his albums, and now I wonder why I ever bough into Zappaland. Beefheart, while an unpleasant person, too, was a real artist most of the time.

Bill Burr, because he spends a great deal of time whining about them wimmens, while conveniently avoiding things that might upset the MAGATs in his audience. I guess being a cowardly straw-person basher is safer for the ol' revenue stream than is standing up to real-world bullies.

The Conways, George and Kellyanne, since we can just merge both of their copulating, co-conspiring bobble-heads together to stick on the monument.  Why? They are examples of horrible people who are waiting for big book deals and speaking engagements when the time is right - though there might not be much time left for any of us.

Doug Stanhope, because he'd WANT to be on the list for reasons of self-loathing. I love Mr. Stanhope's podcast almost as much as I love the Best Show:

Note: I imagine that a few of these made the list, but I haven't gotten through 3/4 of the show yet - so feel free to add "Dammit" to the list.
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