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Buttle of the Bands
« on: August 31, 2006, 05:56:50 AM »
Once upon an opening montage,

(Someone else please take my exquisite corpse vision and hook us up with an opening montage)

Scene 2

A door baring the number 33 1/3 b is struck by a newspaper. Grunts and kaffufuls incrementally augment until Mike Sajak (performed by Don Swayze) emerges. He shakes his fist in anger and squints at a paperboy pedally-biking away. “There’s a whole lot of trouble a-foot!” he says as he picks up the newspaper and goes back inside. He rolls the rubber band off the newspaper and tosses The Newbridge Weekly onto a stain on the carpet. The cover story reads “Kern Commissions 70 + Mobile Batter Butlers from Area Man”.

Fade out.
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