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Let's Try This And See If It Works.


Tom Scharpling:
Hello all -

In these troubling economic times, everybody has stuff around their house that they want to get rid of. And they probably want something in exchange for those things, like other things. Or money. Or whatever your 'deal' is.

In the spirit of that I give you the Trading Post. You can list what you've got and what you want and then you can maybe swap them or sell them or something.

This might not work. But it might! So let's try it.

And please remember - neither I nor WFMU am responsible for any of the transactions! These are deals between two people who are listeners to the show. Think of it like Craigslist but without the filth.

Let's try this!


dave from knoxville:

--- Quote from: Tom Scharpling on November 06, 2009, 12:58:25 PM ---
 Think of it like Craigslist but without the filth.

--- End quote ---

So Mike can't view this thread? I was hoping to get a peek into his "grab bag".

Why do quotes make everything sound filthy?


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