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Late night quiz shows
« on: March 11, 2007, 11:31:44 AM »
You were spot-on about these being complete scams, Tom! Over in England, they've all been taken off-air so they can be audited after people found out lots of their dirty secrets.

Stuff like this:

In January 2007, Ofcom found ITV play guilty of breaching its broadcasting code for making answers to its quizzes too obscure. Viewers complained after two answers to the question "what items might be found in a woman's handbag?" were revealed to be "balaclava" and "Rawl plugs".

Channel 4 requested that they be provided with 20 winners within the first ten minutes of the chatshow going on air at 5pm. It was clearly apparent that thousands of callers who rang the premium rate number after 5.10pm had no chance of winning.

'Brainteaser' was found to have put a member of the production team in front of the cameras and claimed he was a member of the public (he wasnít) who had won a lot of money (he hadnít).