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Dear Tom
« on: January 07, 2012, 11:54:42 AM »
Tom - your commentary on this week's show about all the critical voices online was poignant and timely. 

I haven't been a fan of the show for very long, I've only listened for about 6 months. I'd heard things about your show here and there for a couple of years and listened a bit but I never really "got" it.  Finally I listened to a whole episode, and then another and another, and now I absolutely adore what you are doing and see real greatness in your show.  I've spent WAY too much time going through the archives and I just can't say enough about how much I enjoy the show.

So ignore all the haters who've never created anything on their own and just use the message boards as a way to pump up their own egos.  You don't owe anyone anything, and to many of us out here you will always be our Dollar-Menu Dickens.