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Blake's Dunk
« on: January 31, 2012, 10:08:01 AM »
Dear Tom:

You know I love you, but you are so wrong about Blake's dunk last night not being one of the Top 3 of his career. I've watched a bunch of Blake clips already today.

The only two I like more than this are the fast break ones where he dribbles and spins. The one against the Pistons is so nasty -- he just spins around whatever scrub is trying to defend him and ends up doing some reverse off a 180 thing. Then he also busts Gallo on something similar (in the same game with Mozgov).

Last night's dunk was awesome. It was the same dunk as Mozgov, but on Kendrick Perkins. I know Perk's not much of a shotblocker, but he's maybe the surliest guy in the league! He's dumped so many guys on the floor in his career!

I think this was his third best dunk.
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