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Talking Best/Redundancy Radio Summary
« on: December 19, 2013, 11:04:29 PM »
Revelations from the show:

Larry da Perv is the high school best friend of Brett "MC Steinberg" Davis. He's a private guy and didn't really listen to other parts of the show. Mike did not know that MC Steinberg knew Larry.

Spike on Talking Best makes a lame excuse for not coming into the show. Just like always. He wanted to call the final show but couldn't get through. He seems to have understood that he and Tom were doing Abbott and Costello routines. He was flattered by the Mike & Spike & shirt. Spike says he started listening in 2003 and was instantly hooked. He did eventually find Sadie - unfortunately, he says. They met in person and she wasn't what he expected (?!). Spike would like to call into whatever Tom does next - depending on what he's doing. Spike says he understands Tom is moving to California, which was news to the people on the show. If Tom starts a podcast network and says he wants "The Spike Show," Spike is in. Spike will have to see what Dave Hill is like before he knows whether he will call into his show. He doesn't have a Spike nickname for Tom. Spike's final words to Tom are that he's going to miss calling in and the show - he's going to miss it as part of his life for the last 9 or 10 years.

Also, the guy who called several times to the Best Show and asked the dumb riddle about "there are three mice in a mouse hole - two of them leave, but there's still two left" which enraged Tom every time it happened was a friend of Pat Byrne, the host of Redundancy Radio. It turns out the riddle was completely made up - there was no solution.

Also, Jake Fogelnest and Jason from Huntsville called. There were a lot of Best Show fans up late that night.

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Re: Talking Best/Redundancy Radio Summary
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thanks because I'm listening to that episode right now and it's driving me nuts too with the dumb riddle. actually now that I think about it that's pretty hilarious