Author Topic: The Best/Worst Moments of last night's show  (Read 2273908 times)


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Re: The Best/Worst Moments of last night's show
« Reply #12540 on: July 17, 2019, 12:22:21 AM »
Tom revealed that his bit next week is "designing the worst music festival" - in the chat I came up with:

....Crazy Town. They have a tent where bands only play covers of Squeeze, that Doug Yule "Velvet Underground" album where Ian Paice drummed instead of Mo Tucker, and Willie Alexander and Walter Powers had been sent home (the record was recorded in Britain.)

Tom came up with Kid Rock and Guy Fieri dueting/jamming out. I could see Crazy Town doing something with White Town and the Sneaker Pimps....I don't know what that thing would be, but it would rival Oasis' Be Here Now in overload, just watch.