Get thy bearings, Friends Of Tom, because there's a new contest to take part in! It's called The I Love The Best Show Contest, and it's a doozy! As Tom has said, this is an ongoing contest, so there's no immediate rush. Take your time and do it right.

If you love the show, find a way to express your love for it. There are three (3) rules associated with the contest, and Tom IS NOT associated with the contest AT ALL if any of the following three (3) rules are violated. So here's the rules:

1)The entry must be documented.

2)The entry must be legal. Defacing public property or the likes therein will result in the entrant being dis-qualified and Tom will TURN YOU IN.

3)The entry MUST BE PUBLIC.

So there you have it. Show your love for The Best Show On WFMU by observing the preceding rules.

And by the way, the prize for this contest will be THE BEST PRIZE EVER!

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Here's a list of contributions submitted so-far by FOT like you!
Remember, you have until the end of August to enter, so get off your keister and show your love for the show now!

Petey's Entries:

  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Run Soulseek and d/l the 10 minute, 330 MB file of Petey's second contest entry. The Name is "SuburbanalCuts", and it's in the "goodhug" folder. The file is named "fotcontestsmall.avi".
  • The Big Scharbowski

JDR's Entry
A "I Love The Best Show Contest Entry", by JDR

gord's Entry
Chris Makepeace Station ID

John K's Entry
American Splendor DVD production credits

Pythonian's Entry

Purple Shirt's Entry
Purple Shirt Ambushes Officer Tom's House

J W Buchanan's Entry
Some secret embedded TBSOWFMU messages in this illustration for the upcoming book complied by Frank Koziak called PANDA MEAT.

contest winners

contest winners list