Cannonball Run: The Musical
An FOT Collaboration

As you know, Tom has announced a massive project that will involve the creative input of ALL OF THE LISTENERS. The project? To write 'Cannonball Run - The Musical', a full-length play based on the classic Burt Reynolds movie. Right now we need people to write songs for the show, so if you're musically inclined - or not - and want to be involved, contact Tom! It's gonna be amazing, so get involved! Down the road we'll need people to do other things, so if you're not the musical type, be patient. Your time will come soon enough!



I'm Into Trees:
Written By Nicole. She's in the process of writing down the music.
View the Lyrics here.

We're Racers, Not Rapists:
Written By Petey.
Anyone who would be interested in writing the music contact Tom.Try to stay with the style/general melody Petey sang on June 28. (the link will go to exact time of the call)
View the Lyrics here.